The general objectives of these sessions of consultations and energy alignment is to live a meaningful lifestyle where the relationship to oneself, loved ones and nature are caring and satisfying.

Many techniques are used during the session:

  • Energy Alignment Cranio-Sacral
  • emotional release of stress
  • removal of destructive habits of thinking
  • spiritual counselling
  • awakening intuition

Dr. Behman’s Holistic sessions can take at least two hours to achieve the removal of emotional and spiritual stress from the subtle energy fields of the human being.

The results :

  • deep relaxation
  • peace of mind
  • greater self-awareness
  • a heightened desire to live from the soul in love and joy.

Anyone can benefit from these sessions, think of them as tune-ups for better vitality, aliveness and satisfaction in life.

Dr. Behman uses the Cranio- Sacral Technique to align the Physical Body with the Etheric Life Energy Field.
Dr. Behman uses the Somato-Emotional Release Technique to remove the unconscious emotional blocks.
Dr. Behman uses his dialogue technique an original Orthologismos approach to identify and replace the mental concepts and perceptions that brought in the past emotional and physical disharmony.
Dr. Behman is an Ordained Interfaith Minister.